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She begins her dance education with Loredana Rovagna in La Spezia, where she already has the opportunity of performing in a professional enviroment with the " Gruppo del Centro Studi Danza" At the age of 18 she gets her first collaboration with Michela Lucenti, dancing for the Balletto Civile. In 2009 she then moves to the Netherlands where, after four years, she graduates from Codarts, Rotterdam Dance Academy. Immediately after Martina starts her dance career as an independent artist and free lance dancer, working for Lonneke van Leth, Naninne Linning, Eva Sousova, Teatro Comunale di Bologna, Timor Steffens among others. Since five years Martina dances for Krisztina De Chatel , where she is beeing part of BRAND! , Krisztina Keuze I , TRAP, UT(OET) , Waltz&Infinite, Krisztina Keuze II, dance movie FLUCHT and the last production THRON.

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