Events / performances

  1. Annual performances

    2003 - 2009

    in the program of the Civic Theater in La Spezia, Italy.

  2. Evening with Martha Graham

    May 2010

    Graham repertoire with Mario Camacho in Codarts theater zaal.

  3. I will tell you at the sunset

    April 2011

    by Asja Lorencic in Codarts theater zaal.


    November 2011

    Coreographed by Lorenzo Capodieci, Rotterdam, Holland

  4. Talent on the move

    February-April 2012

    Tour in Holland for the Holland Dance with Codarts.

    L’espance Melanconique

    August 2012

    Johannes Wieland director of Staatstheater Kassel
    One small step Dance Festival, Corfu, Greece

    The Kiss

    Riccardo Sbrighi


    September – November 2012

    Ballet Van Leth, Lonneke Van Leth in Den Haag, Holland


    December 2012

    Ballet Van Leth, Lonneke Van Leth in Den Haag, Holland

  5. Requiem

    January 2013 - April 2013

    Nanine Linning dance company Heidelberg


    September 2013

    Krisztina De Châtel

    False Alarm

    Eva Sousova for Krisztina's Keuze 2013/2014

  6. TRAP

    Krisztina de Chatel


    June 2014

    Krisztina de Chatel

  7. Heven after all

    March 2015

    Music video, Rotterdam

    Teatro Comunale di Bologna

    March 2015-April 2015

    Bologna, Italy

    Waltz & Infinite

    August 2015- December 2015

    Krisztina De Châtel

    Illusive Prison

    November/December 2015

    Konstantinos Kraniditotis, New dance Studios Den Haag , Ruimte in beweging Schidam

  8. Vriendin Van Amstel Live2016

    Jenuary 2016-February 2016

    Timor Steffen, Rotterdam


    Stefan Mandersloot

  9. THRON


    by Krisztina De Chatel and VA Wolfl, Premiere in Amsterdam plus National tour

    Mondrian, Josephine Baker,


    by Lonneke Van Leth, Premiere Geementemuseum Den Haag

    Ist es wahr?


    by Robin Coops & Ragazze Quartet Premiere in Amersfort



    by Wiam Al-Zabari and Krisztina De Chatel Dance movie, Premiere in CineDance

    Coming soon..

    Krisztina Keuze 2, Coexist


    by Konstantino Kranidiotis Premiere in Amsterdam plus National Tour